Lee co-wrote this song, which was released in May 2015. It was playlisted on Planet Rock, played on BBC Radio 2 and has already become a classic at rock nights around the country.  Radio 2 DJ Janice Long said of the song, 'we love it!'. 'Love is the Drug That You Crave' is the first single that has been released from Tess of the Circle's forthcoming album AMPLIFY

Lee is also lead guitarist in a popular Malvern-based band called The Way 

Lee Clifton was lead guitarist on Tess of the Circle's 2013 album Thorns. The album received significant critical acclaim , including the following from Music Week :"Tess of the Circle are a musically acclaimed British collective who create electric-acoustic rock. They have racked up 10 BBC radio live sessions in just over a year including Bob Harris BBC Radio 2, BBC London and Will Gompertz's BBC Oxford."